Take care and be kind to yourself

Being in nature

  • I take in all the sights, sounds and smells of nature at the beach whilst surfing. I breathe and I think about my breathing and although it’s not always easy, it’s always worth it.”

  • “Even in the city you can find places that allow you to connect with nature, for instance, all the gardens and parks in/or around the center of the city.”

  • “Although energy levels might be low and I might be disinterested in my surroundings, I have found that even a short walk in a park helped.”

  • “The beauty of nature helped me to think about other things than my condition – it gave me freedom from always thinking about my depression.


Key points

In recent years, people have been spending less and less time interacting with nature. But according to researchers, natural environments and nature might be associated with improvements in symptoms of depression.1,2

Scientists have suggested that natural environments can lead to feelings of happiness and pleasure.2
What’s more, there can be a positive relationship between time spent in nature and a reduced risk of depression.1,2

Nature can be different for different people and might include different places and spaces. Nature is often considered as something that exists far away from cities. But in reality, there is nature all around us and flowers and plants can bring nature closer to you within your home.

Taking the time to be mindful of, experience, and appreciate natural environments is important.1,2

This section is related to the benefits of spending time in nature which may have an impact in people with depression.

Be mild and gentle and “go with the flow” – don’t be hard on yourself if things don’t go as planned
or you don’t reach your goals. When this happens, lower your goals and give yourself a second chance.
Start today with a first step, and remember that different things work for different people at different times.

  • Taking care of myself and helping myself was crucial.”

  • “At a certain point in time, I realized that being depressed is only a condition. Just to accept it for what is and think “let it simply be and don’t worry, it is only a temporary condition ” helped me to survive.


Do not change or stop your treatment without advice from a healthcare professional, such as your referring doctor.
If your symptoms worsen, please consult a healthcare professional, such as your referring doctor.

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* Quotes shared by the patients reflect their own experiences and do not necessarily reflect medical and scientific evidence or practice.