Take care and be kind to yourself

Seeking human contact

and social interaction

  • At first it was very hard to meet people after my depression. But then I realized that I don´t have to be funny, happy or positive all the time when meeting people. I found new people who understood what I was going through at that moment in time and I also started to enjoy my time alone.”

  • “Even if you don’t feel like talking, being with other people, family and friends, is still connecting with the outside world.


Key points

People with depression frequently withdraw from social interactions, but research suggests that the risk of depression could be doubled in people with low levels of human contact.1,2 The likelihood of having depression and the severity of symptoms may increase as the frequency of human contact and social interaction decreases.2

When you’re depressed you might feel like you want to be alone.1,3 It’s sometimes good to have personal space and some alone time, but experts tell us that isolating yourself can make you feel more depressed, whereas social interaction can have a positive influence on your symptoms.2,3

Although it might be difficult, maintaining social interactions can be an effective way of dealing with depression. The benefits of staying socially active and maintaining relationships with friends and family who know and understand you can have a positive effect.3 However, make sure that you are comfortable with the amount of social interactions undertaken.

This section is related to the benefits of human contact and social interaction which may have an impact in people with depression.

Be mild and gentle and “go with the flow” – don’t be hard on yourself if things don’t go as planned
or you don’t reach your goals. When this happens, lower your goals and give yourself a second chance.
Start today with a first step, and remember that different things work for different people at different times.

  • Taking care of myself and helping myself was crucial.”

  • “At a certain point in time, I realized that being depressed is only a condition. Just to accept it for what is and think “let it simply be and don’t worry, it is only a temporary condition ” helped me to survive.


Do not change or stop your treatment without advice from a healthcare professional, such as your referring doctor.
If your symptoms worsen, please consult a healthcare professional, such as your referring doctor.

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